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Knitmas is complete

Barring some kind of knitting emergency, Knitmas 2017 is finished. 

I did a lot this year. In fact, I put out the call--anyone who has been known to like my knitting and is an important person in my life could request a specific item. This was fun, because it led to me making things I might not otherwise have been remotely interested in, but it was also terrible because it resulted in oh, so many scarves.

I'm just going to talk about my favorites (so, not scarves). I made this market bag for my sister, using a pattern from my book SereKNITY.  After finishing a book, I'm so eager to have someone else do the work and knit or crochet their pattern, that I only rarely go back and work one of my own. And when I do, there's always an element of fear: will I find mistakes??? But this was a joy--and so fast, because of course it was crochet. (2).png

These fingerless mitts were also from SereKNITy. I pretty much live in these at certain times of the year, and I was so glad to make them for someone else, who would certainly enjoy them. 

But, better still is to follow someone else's pattern, particularly this gorgeous Father Cables by Veronika Jobe, knit in the stunning Cactus Flower colorway by Madelinetosh. I'm giving this hat away...but I'm not very happy about it. (1).png (3).png

But my favorite by far is a pattern I've been planning to make for years--the classic Swallowtail by Evelyn Clark. I knit it in an undyed laceweight, so it's spidery and old-fashioned. 

And now, off to make things for me, which frankly I vastly prefer--because a) I chose the pattern and b) I get to keep it.